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Access to fitness activities (excluding pilates) – 49€/month

Discount ("Bono") 10 pilates classes (booking required 24hrs before) - 80 €

10% discount in personal training and electro-stimulation training

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Monthly Subscription – 65€.

Quarterly price opening promotion – € 149.

Discount ("Bono") 10 pilates classes - booking is required 24 hrs before - 80 €



One personal training session – 35€.

10 personal training sessions – 290€.

10 miha bodytec training – 250€.

45 minutes physical supervision and personal exercise guide for 6 weeks - 30 €

50 € per month

135 € per 3 months

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8.00 am to 8.00 pm Every day. (instructor from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm Monday to Friday)

Raúl Mesa.

Pilates Class Schedule

10.30am Mixed ability men/women
12.00pm Mixed ability men/women   
5.00pm Pilates for Men

10.30am Mixed ability men/women

10.30am Total Body Circuit (Mixed ability men/women)

10.30am Mixed ability men/women
12.00pm Mixed ability men/women                  
5.00pm  Pilates for Men

Please note that reservations are required as class numbers are limited and a 24 hour cancellation policy is operated.

Group classes €9 or Block of 10 classes €80

Private Classes & Rehabilitation available

For information & bookings contact Sally:

Why Pilates is the perfect conditioning tool for golfers

Both golf and pilates are mind-body activities that share some of the same basic principles; fluid movement and neuromuscular control, concentration, muscular/core strength and endurance, balance, flexibility, proper breathing technique and a perfect balance between joint mobility and stability.

However, from a biomechanical perspective, the golf swing is a complex and unnatural movement that works the body in an asymmetrical way. Did you know that your spine coils and uncoils 100-130 times in one direction over an average 4 hour game, with compressive forces up to 8x your body weight? This can do untold damage to your spine and cause substantial inbalances in muscular strength and flexibility, which in turn lead to re-occuring injuries.

A golf pro can help correct your technique, stance, grip and hip turn ratio, but the underlying causes in a faulty golf swing are the physical limitations of the body itself. Lack of flexibility, poor rotation, hip instability, leg or hip weakness, incorrect breathing technique, shoulder girdle instability and poor core strength all have a detrimental effect on the way the ball is hit.

Pilates can help address all of these physical limitations and recreate symmetry and spinal alignmment, which in turn will help to improve your golf swing, prevent injury and increase overall performance.