Re-opening of Altea Golf Club – Monday 11th May. Important Safety Information for Players

With the reopening of the club with effect from Monday 11th May we can have fun again playing golf. The course is in very good shape and it is, now more than ever, one of the best 9-hole golf courses in the country. Golf has not changed but we all know that the world in which we are playing, now and in the foreseeable future, has changed and, as a result, the golf industry and Altea Golf Club in particular, have felt it their responsibility to establish safety rules, whilst realising that it is also the responsibility of each individual playing on the course.

Safety rules for booking a tee-time and a buggy:

  • Since it is all about trying to avoid situations of physical closeness, we request that you book and pay on line or, if necessary by phone or email. All bookings must be made in advance.
  • Four players will be allowed per flight.
  • Buggies can be shared with people from the same household.
  • Buggies will be cleaned between bookings but you may wish to also use your own sanitised wet wipes, for example.

Safety rules for before you start playing:

  • Bring a mask, gloves for both hands (can be a golf glove and a plastic glove), put some hand sanitizer in your bag and a damp cloth for cleaning your golf ball if necessary
  • Use the bathroom pre-round or, even better, pre-going to the course
  • We recommend that you bring your own water and snacks for the round
  • The Safety Protocol agreed by the Golf Federation will be displayed at various points in the club. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the advice.

Safety rules for playing on the course:

  • Be ready to play. Don’t hang around before playing and go directly to the or practice-area or first tee box.
  • Observe safe distance on the practice range and tee-box. Obviously this goes for the whole round: give your golf partner plenty of space.
  • Be sure your golf ball is well marked, so you don’t have to touch another golfer’s golf ball to see if it is yours. One suggestion is that each player could use a different coloured ball.
  • Not touching another golf ball also applies to lost balls found on the course. And also for loose tees – do not pick them up!

More safety rules to avoid touching things:

  • Bunkers will be raked in the morning but there will be no rakes on the course. Use your foot to move the ball to a level area if it lands in an un-raked area.
  • Leave flag sticks in at all times. There will be foam inserts in the cups to allow you to easily retrieve your ball.
  • Do not share! For example, do not toss a ball to your playing partner when she/he hits it out or do not pass a club to another player.
  • The ball washers will be out of use.
  • Keep your own scorecard and pencil at all times.

And a last safety rule for when your round is complete:

  • Do not shake hands, high-five, low-five, fist-bump, belly-bump or whatever other sort of physical contact you normally do at the end of the round. A warm “You played well. See you next round” has to do in these times.

The large and beautiful terrace of our Jacaranda Restaurant is also re-opening for drinks and tapas (or food by prior arrangement) and will, of course, be subject to social distancing.